Provincia Casa Financiera

We have fully developed the institutional website launched in 2012 for Provincia Casa Financiera – Branch of Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Furthermore, we were selected for the implementation of our star product Online Banking with all its modules: SECURITY, SIGNATURE-BASED TRANSACTIONS AND TOKENS + API.

Thanks to the SECURITY module: it is possible to centrally manage the authentication of all electronic channels, establishing security policies and integrating in a transparent manner to the CORE banking.
Thanks to the SIGNATURE-BASED TRANSACTIONS module: it is possible to reflect a company’s operation statutes, regardless of how complex these may be, separating by types of activities and scaling according to the amounts involved.
Thanks to the TOKENS+API module: it its possible to support a 2 factor authentication and the operations allow the inclusion of a digital signature for validation.
All of this offered with an outstanding graphic design oriented to the system usability and user comfort, for a practical and efficient use of the system.